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125 million gallons of raw and partially treated sewage into the bay just since october. the u.s. epa, san francisco baykeeper, and several other environmental organizations asked the court to get involved to prevent more spills. >> mark: 0 lawyer for six san francisco and its fat or argued it deprives them of their constitutional loading rights. a panel took the case under submission. the right choice system had initiative in 2004, this last four fall right choice voting is where they put choices on the ballot rather than choosing just one. >> darya: 19,000 employees are getting a pink slip is expected to top 20,000 when the union gets a better account appeared in lets employees know that they could lose their jobs, they have until may 15th to issue final pink slips. if you're wondering how safe those body scanners are in the airport so are other people. psa ordered retesting on the scanner's. it showed calculation errors, and other discrepancies by contractors that were heitor to check the radiation lot of spirit they say they gave off the same amount of radiation as traveling to mi
repeated inspections before was crippled. the u.s. naval commander says i down pills are being available for military families in japan. another strong aftershock this we can more than a week after the devastating earthquake in tsunami. saturday, 6.1. this is the video of a briefing as the pictures started to rattle. this was 45 mi. south of the nuclear power plant. >> darya: i just told you about barry bonds trial, let's go to the federal building with will tran in checking with him. >> will: lots of anticipation, it is already a circus. a lot of reporters are outside shooting anybody who walks through the doors. apparently some of the attorneys have already entered, they have barricades' shut ousee will walk through the barricades, he will start his trial after years of the blade. the should last a couple of weeks, they will choose a jury, even possibly doing opening statements. a simple question did he lie or not. but in 2003 he went before a grand jury and said he never knowingly took steroids. he thought he was rubbing flaxseed oil on his body. but they say was not it was the cream
of recalling more than 35,000 civic hybrids in the u.s. to fix the problem with the electrical system. it could cause the cars to stall. the recall is 2006, 2007 hybrids. and the recall begins later this month. mark? >> mark: bay area and gas prices you can see how fast it is going up. with the price rising 335 in a gallon in two weeks it is that biggest increase ever seen. >> reporter: more could morning mark, 393 at the 76 station in emeryville. last monday i was at a gas station in mill valley, we were talking about gas being $3.89, we talked about what it out rate was. since then prices have gone up further. 505 the last month. on average californians are paying $3.90, that is the highest of 50 states. we are at the top of the list to the list week nobody wants to be at the top of. nationally it is only $3.50. this is the highest price since we have seen since 2008. james was talking about the oil price $106 a barrel it is causing oil prices to skyrocket and that makes the gas increase. how much will you pay? this is according to aaa. oakland $3.91, sampras's " $3.95, san francisco $3.95, a
to the sierra, much better than it was on thursday, friday. no closures in place right now. u.s. highway 50 has no chain controls. chains are required on 80, 88, highway 4. public transit still doing pretty well, we did have problems last week, thursday, friday but everything is normal this morning. >> brittany! >> darya: it was all about britney spears in downtown san francisco. this line stretched for blocks. they waited for her played three songs. car latest cd has been released. >> excited to see her, i've seen her before. >> she is a sensational person. >> i'm super excited. this is our big comeback aware super super, to be here. >> i was hoping you could be of the castro of everybody within dressed up with imperfect. >> darya: it was a lawyer because canadian the castro. >> mark: rebel forces are closing in on godowsky's home town that all that was targeted by international air strikes. they were saying they heard bombing in the morning but there's no fighting the streets or any said of rebel forces. the rebel forces are said to miles out of the city right now and advancing. turkey's prim
to see a good training. is that we do all day? >> james: well u.s. to zoom in to see along highway 4 towards spitsbergen's his cell, not all that heavy. we have some moderate shore activities but it probably will continue to move east. earl around the south bay that cell that was over campbell is starting to break apart. so that one fizzled out before got to worry needed to go. we are seeing some shower activity through the bay bridge, oakland may be seeing some of it is well. again this like chartres is going to dissipate before noon. the showers will come this afternoon, that is part of the storm system we have been waiting for. by 2:00 p.m. light showers from the bay, by three it is more intense, but by 79 intent shark begins to grow. by 11:00 p.m. we are dotted with yellow some light red spirit it will be very a wide through tomorrow. that is of forecast it is a cold one, and a windy one. this one will pack a punch if we gusts up to 46 mi. an hour from the mountain ranges are run the coast. we expect to see down limbs or tree spirit your afternoon highs upper 50s from the most pa
down. japanese government is denying that the pools are dried up. they will not tthe u.s. stat says people living for their way from the plant are in danger spirit >> darya: let's go to will tran he is talking to the experts to monitor our air quality in the bay area. in san francisco on what to they have to say? >> will: they say the chances are remote, that we will have significant radiation coming from japan. i am outside of the air quality management, the same agency that tells us whether not there will be spare the air days. they are monitoring the radiation, going on on the seventh floor of this building. this is video of the devices they use, to measure the radiation levels, they take the air into the device. information gets transmitted to scientists in alabama who also look over the data and for now they say there's nothing of any significance that we should be worried about. they did not say there is no radiation, but it is so low right now we don't have to worry. the reason as we are separated by the ocean. even if particles made their way over here is so small it would n
the rebels that are battling gaddafi's troops. you are seeing some video. u.s. officials acknowledge there are operatives on the ground, those operatives helped rescue the fire pilopilon announced yesterday moussa clues of our ride at their >> mark: pleasanton soldier has been killed. a pleasanton soldier has been killed while serving in afghanistan. army spc. jameson lynn lindskog, 23, was on his way to a military airport tuesday when an apparent roadside bomb exploded. he is the third soldier to die in combat in the past month. 7:23 a.m. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. you can see a breeze, but all that sunshine, a gorgeous day today. >> darya: light traffic and beautiful weather. in san francisco is 61 degrees, 83 for high, we could see another record today mid-60's at 8:00 p.m. if your people have claimed unemployment last week a sign of layoffs cropping and companies stepping up their hiring. the number of people seeking benefits that to 388,000. applications were below were consistent with the sustained increase in hiring. >> mark: colleges have to enroll tho
: in the meantime as we follow japan at the eyes are turning to a power plant and the u.s.. one of their reactors was not working. for 18 months, operators at the diablo canyon nuclear plant near san luis obispo didn't realize that a system to pump water into one of emergency wasn't working. it disabled by the plant's own engineers, according to a report issued thursday on reactors in the united lists 14 recent "near misses" instances in which serious problems at a plant required federal regulators to respond. the report criticizes both plant operators and the nuclear regulatory commission for allowing some known safety issues to fester. >>mark: at a quick break as we continue. the latest of libya as the un declares a " no-fly " zone. more on the storm coming up. >>darya: 710 m and looking at san francisco called. a bit of a break but not for long. >>mark: major developments in libya. it now declaring a cease-fire and stopping all military options. the decision is coming after the u.s. and authorized a " no- fly " zone. they're sending in fighter jets and that comment ours. britain, france and t
community is coming back now. gabes slate takes a look at how big u.s. tech companies are offering to help. >> gabe: google has donated to under $50,000. apple set up an easy way to donate through high itunes. the money you commit will be taken out of your account. verizon and at&t are offering free phone calls and tax between united states and japan. on facebook you can donate. so far they have raised over $80,000. the larger social gaming hopes to raise $2 million. the company's asking users to donate money through the purchase of our virtual goods. twitter is updating by the second continuing refreshing advises well as directing people to resources on the ground, offering ways to donate the have a plug dedicated to the japan earthquake there are message boards, shelter information, phone numbers, and a person finder. you can find out informational of missing people. as a citizen page where you could watch i witness video of the tsunami an earthquake. for direct links visit kron 4 dog, and look for new sleek section. >> mark: sunday streets is returning that's where secti
the only thing approved by yiayia. >> mark: u.s. airways jet grounded after they found hole in the plane. it was on the ground when they found the small hole in the fusil launch after flying from charlotte to philadelphia. >> darya: are rare sight drawn clouds a beached whale the inmates it way up to shore where it died. the 40 ft. whale attracted curious onlookers. they say it is not common in the area although they do shop time to time. the aquarium is having natrying to find out how that wl guide. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. >> darya: alive look to the approach to the air bridge. we have had to wait awhile for this backup but here it is feared you will need sun glasses. and
: this just in getting word that two u.s. soldiers have died in a shooting involving a bus carrying u.s. troops. fight isharper fired near on a bus carrying u.s. soldiers. a 21 year-old man was arrested at the scene. there are demonstrations happening earlier this morning there was picketing and are oakland, now were waiting for 11:00 oakland schools will have fired shells to symbolize the state of emergency. students, faculty are going to march and hold rallies at 4:00 they will have a news conference to press for placing a tax measure on the ballot. new this morning more from strong actors charlie sheen. charlie sheen says that after his two young sons were removed from his house overnight. the nearly 2-year-old twins, bob and max, were removed after a court order was granted to his estranged wife, brooke mueller, who is their mother. mueller is claiming the youngsters shouldn't be raised in that environment, where sheen lives with his two "goddess" girlfriends. sheen has said his "goddesses" watch over him and the twins when he is not around. the star of cbs'"two and a half men" app
calls the coalition including the u.s., canada, britain and france a group of fascists. president barack obama it is calling his trip short. it is involved in the attacks against libya and he will now not to visit maya ruins that he was supposed to see today. >>mark: the price tag for the no-fly zone is topping hundreds of millions of dollars. they have fired at least 160 missiles at a cost of one-half million dollars apiece. they have also sent and stealth bombers to bomb libya and sites. the total trip is 25 hours at an operating cost of 10,000 an hour. >> coming up we have breaking news that elizabeth taylor died. here is a live look at the james lick. traffic is moving nicely. >> of breaking news, as the killer has died.elizabeth tayloe legendary actress famed for her beauty, her jet-set lifestyle, her charitable endeavors and her many marriages, has died, her publicist told cnn wednesday. she was 79.taylor died "peacefully today in cedars-sinai hospital in los angeles." she was hospitalized six weeks ago with congestive heart failure, "a condition with which she had struggled for m
there are no hard choices. >> darya: the first detailed data for the population appeared from the 2010 u.s. census comes out today. in includes population, race and at that misses the. to redraw districts. it is the first time this day will not been additional house seats. >> mark: a new top smart phone, retail survey company, sources in dry is the most used smart phone in the united states. one out of every three are using the google design system only two years after its introduced. it is just ahead of blackberry. and apple's iphone comes in third. two and a half man just became a man and a half. the bad boy charlie sheen was officially fired after several weeks of boss bashing. >> it has been and above all a couple of weeks for charlie sheen. the highest-paid actor is of fall lawn media sensation. >> and not taking it had to pay for it. >> the recent sobriety telling cnn's peers morgan says he has cleared up his act. he attacked his bosses of to and half man. monday they had enough. warner brothers television which distributes the sitcom, says that " terminated the stars services ". >> they fel
with boxes full of other necessities. several u.s. ships are there or on route to. 48 other countries have also offered relief. >> mark: will tran is checking on flights to and from japan. >> will: as of now all flights are on schedule. the first flight from san francisco to tokyo is scheduled to take off at 11:50 a.m., that will follow two other flights appeared the duty manager says he does not know if all of the flights are booked, but at least people who want to get to their loved ones in japan will have access. will tran kron 4 news. >> mark: getting you caught up on the weather forecast now. >> louisa: standoff with wet roads up there. as we head through the next couple of hours we see the rain tapering off, still seeing some isolated showers. iran and the media bay we continue with showers through the east bay, down in to sand and grisan leandro. the flood ay has been inviteexpired. we coult swells up to 16 ft. and we could have some recurrences well. take you through the time line as series of rain ahead of us. tomorrow we see around move sand into the evening, picking up three-qua
higher interest rates. the weaker dollar is not a bad thing for the u.s. economy. it makes our exports more attractive. it's really about u.s. economic data, it is in recovery and the oil prices. >> mark: the fact the housing market is still in turmoil. to think over all the stocks are valued right now? >> caller: we have been making corrections not the technical corrections people talk about. but every time we have a good run, we see a pullback, all lot of people like that because they don't like to see a straight up the line. it does seem in general we have a bit of a pullback there's a lot of sentiment out there to work on economic reports. >> mark: think you very much for your time. >> darya: 7:48 a.m. the james lick in san francisco traffic is good right now. we've been have some hazy sunshine >> james: we are getting rain mainly to the north, not a lot in the bay. we will show you where we see the rain fall. livermore has been a trouble spot, all lot of the moisture at the altamont pass appeared we have seen color changes showing moderate rain. tracking a cell in campbell, not a
to trim the u.s. budget for the remainder of the fiscal year. republican pan already approved would cut 57 billion on top of the 4 billion in cuts they approved last week. democratic said they wanted to trim five more billion. neither plan will have the 60 votes to advance. so they are all looking at another bill. the state of wisconsin budget battle goes on, the 14 state democratic senators who fled the state tuesday they are continuing to block the proposed compromise they say it is not enough to bring him back to the state to have a vote. according to the e-mail's, he proposed a compromise, it would allow some form of collective bargaining for state workers. they could bargain over salaries. does it change from original plan. they say there is a blueprint for further talks, but in the meantime those democrats have left the state and will not return. bill gates is no wonder the richest person in the state. he will not be of the top list because he gave away one-third of his money 28 billion. forbes magazine releases list this morning the top spot has been taken over by mexican businessma
why there's been some pretty poor performances in the markets overnight, weak u.s. data coming out mainly the unemployment numbers for last week apparently new applications are much higher than wall street was expecting. we will keep an eye on it. >> darya: oakland school board has voted to send out more than 500 layoff notices to teachers to deal with at $12 million budget deficit nearly half of the layoffs are going to get into to hundred and 31-victory teachers english, social studies, p e are among the hardest-hit they go up by march 15th, it will be months before those teachers will know if they have a job or not because of the uncertainty surrounding the budget. jackie sissel is live waiting to talk to parents, teachers about these pink slips. >> reporter: i am here are, in oakland. you talked about the unprecedented numbers to 31 layoff notices went out to teachers this is a school that is obvious again have an impact. i can't believe any school would not be impacted by this. we'll try to talk to stop, teachers, parents and get their reaction to see what they're planning to
open, 93 runs. squaw valley sorry notes north star 16 looks are open, 91 runs available for u.s. to make your way up to tahoe's this weekend. >> george: it is the case of the vanishing hot spot on the nimitz freeway, sensors indicated big delays on a 80 southbound in to milpitas, just like that it vanished. we have verified that conditions are very quickly improved, and no longer having to worry about the structure in ride. that was really the first hot spot this morning, right now we have no other hot spots. a bridge check as you start at the bay bridge in your westbound ride, a good commute, the backup bridges to the end of the east parking lot, 880 is your best approach to the bay bridge. san mateo bridge ride is a good one all day long lighter than usual in the westbound direction. fewer cars than we normally would see. the golden gate bridge looks good. interstate 80 upper to the shorlower the shory it is light. interstate 80 is still a very good ride this morning. so is the right through marin county on 1 01 and the peninsula was a hot spot yesterday is not this morning. m
in japan has reached the u.s. mainland of along the northern california coast, this is a live shot of pork and thof oregon. morgan coast ws did. this is a live shot coming from seaside, we have been watching this live shot in the studio. we've noticed nothing. to tell you the truth as far as that wave coming it anything near the shore land. is that is the well into >> mark: the beach. if they were talking a larger wave there than here. they're talking a feed their we're talking maybe two-3 ft. here. >> darya: we also saw the effects in hawaii were ahead 7-9 ft. waves but we don't know of any damage from that. it didn't seem to be a problem. mostly the damage, the video, the big news coming of this devastation in >> mark: is in japan. hundreds are dead, here is video people taking cover in an office building most of the damage northeast of tokyo where hundreds of people are feared dead. we will continue to follow the latest in japan. [ male announcer ] yiayia may not approve of michelle's wardrobe. you dress like a prostitute. [ male announcer ] but yiayia approves of her serving athenos hu
levels of concern. to 7.0 earthquake struck in northeastern a u.s. monitoring agency. says a 7.0-magnitude earthquake has hit northeastern myanmar. the quake struck thursday night near the southeast asian country's borders with thailand and laos, about 70 miles from the northern thai city of chiang rai. the u.s. geological survey says it struck at a depth of 140 miles, exceptionally deep. but it could be felt as far away as bangkok, where buildings swayed. the pacific tsunami warning center says it was located too far inland to generate a destructive wave. one person is reported dead at this point. 9:22 a.m. we'll be back with more as we continue our team coverage of the big storm. you can see it storming really get up there all lot of rain, wind, the james lick is moving slowly. >> darya: simeon on strong track of the heaviest rain is falling open the north bay in the east bay. petaluma, novato or other that it's going to the east here napa, vallejo. those yellow cells are very strong downpour's this storm is bringing high winds as well. it's really difficult driving condition
most people are headed to egypt. u.s. air force cargo planes are setting in blankets and water. in yemen demonstrators are calling for the country's president to step down as they are holding this and then, outside of the university. it includes women, children, and a major opposition group. >> markalive look from heavenlyg up to its name. more snow this weekend. >> darya: developing story this truck is overturned at the san mateo bridge. today you more news faster we go to jackie cecil. >> reporter: large auto truck arrived on team. the help they can flip this thing over. caltrans give it a shot with heavy-duty tow trucks. these cars are armored for reason. they are extremely heavy. for lanes are blocked off right now, you can see a couple blocked off by the tow truck, a couple blocked off by the overturned car in the road. traffic is a nightmare. if i pan over you can see the toll plaza, this took truck came through too fast, struck some of the guard rails and loss control and flipped over. it was a single car accident. we don't know how long it will take, the traffic is extr
.m.. >> the u.s. economy has been growing faster than expected. 3.1% in the last three months it was boosted by more inventory building still, rising oil prices will see a growth this year. let us see how wall street is doing. the dow is up 26 points. stocks are doing a little bit better. >>darya: 7:12 a.m. and the weather is better to. it is not pouring in most of the bay area. here is a live shot. clouds over san francisco. >>darya: troubled life looks around the bay. you can see it that there is a lot of snow covering it roadways. chance, they got a foot yesterday. more today. fresh pattern for a and on the left it looks like the it james lick is trying to try it out. here is a shot from the nest happening. >>james: better chance at around the new area. that does break down what people see through the bay. temperatures will remain cool and scattered showers will be with us mainly in the morning. they will rebuild and by tonight it will intensify as we head into tomorrow will break down freight and just a little bit. here's where we're seeing the ring. pops here along the peninsula. now th
aided by sweeter financing. the largest u.s. car company sold 207,000 vehicles last month as new models continue to sell well in a slowly improving economy. a spokesperson says sales were strong across the lineup, consumers are looking at small cars but they have not changed buying habits to the higher gas prices. we'll be back with more of a couple of minutes so don't go away. taking a look at a developing story that we're falling live in san francisco at truck with a lift, that lin to decide what luckily no one is fair to, jackie sissel is out there he will have a live report and a couple of a . ve skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. >> darya: (cheering & applause) welcome back to the kron 4 news. welcome back to the kron 4 news. developing story, the cleanup of an accident in san francisco, are really busy spot near union square jacki
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23